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Since most anti-clubs have at least one why-do-you-hate journal, we should have one as well! Bash SS/NH to your heart's content!


NaruHina: It's fluffy and overfavored. Everywhere I turn I hear "omg NaruHina is luff haters suck omgomg they're made 4 eachother"...DX It's so irritating...And the fact that they barely even know each other, and Naruto's feelings for Hinata are nothing but FRIENDSHIP.

SasuSaku: Sasuke ABANDONED Sakura. Even when she begged him to stay and to give him everything, he left. Plus, Sakura's feelings were more of a "young girl crush", like Hinata's feelings for Naruto. Lastly, Sakura has moved on...Her feelings are for Naruto now. (You want EVIDENCE? You'll find out soon during Shippuuden. If you want EVIDENCE NOW, send me a note.)

I don't like SasuSaku because i don't feel that Sakura love Sasuke... She likes him because he is pretty nothing more, and sasuke thinks only in kill his brother...

NaruHina: I don't like this couple because Naruto loves Sakura and only Sakura!! Naruto love Hinata like a friend nothing more and Hinata is too shy for him...

*Ahem* Naruhina: They have only about 2 hours of canon, and barley know each other. Naruto is a pervert, and would want to get close to his gf. Hinata fainting everytime Naruto made a move would drive him bonkers.Sasusaku:NO. Sasuke shows only friendship towards Sakura, and doesn't really care much about romance. Sakura could be the next hokge is she freaking wanted to. Just giving birth the rest of her life would put her powers and training usless.

Naruhina: *GACK*

SasuSaku: Okay, has Sasuke done ANYTHING redeemable for Sakura to "love" him? Not really. I mean, he's expressed his dislike for her several times, and has never told her that he even considered her a friend to her face (he told Naruto once, when she was knocked out by Gaara). Not only that, but he hurt her as he left the village (both emotionally and physically) and he tried to kill her in the Sasuke and Sai arc (of course, Yamato got in the way).

Besides, Sakura was eight(ish) when she first announced her crush on Sasuke. And she was twelve when she declared love for him. Twelve. She isn't fully in control of her emotions at that age, nor does she have a true understanding of love. Not only that, but Sakura acts differently around Sasuke. She acts as a silly little fangirl around him, surpressing her true nature (which she freely shows to Naruto, but that's another story). To me, the fact that Sakura cut her hair was a hint AGAINST SasuSaku, since she grew it long for Sasuke.

In part one, Sakura was immature about her "love." Now, at fifteen, she is starting to show true feelings towards Naruto, whereas there has yet to be an affirmative hint towards how she feels for Sasuke. Although, we do know that Sasuke doesn't have a care for her.

NaruHina: As much as I don't like NaruHina, I don't vehemently detest it as much as SasuSaku (although I'm starting too, after the fuss NaruHina fans made over episode 33 :vomit: ). Okay, for starters, I truly don't believe that Hinata "loves" Naruto, or at least in the same way that Naruto loves Sakura. What Hinata seems to express is more of an admiration. Naruto has become her role model, the kind of person she strives to be. Maybe this admiration has some "crush" aspects to it, but I don't see it as "love." Besides, who wouldn't be nervous around a role model? She's nervous around everybody except her teammates, anyway.

Speaking of Hinata's teammates, they certainly care more for her than Naruto does. I'm not saying that Naruto doesn't, though, because he does. He cares about Hinata because she's his friend (and he cares for all of his friends, nothing special about that). Kiba and Shino always are looking out for Hinata, and they act in her best interest. No matter how much the two of them argue about what needs to be done, they both drop their pride to listen and do as Hinata requests. I believe that Hinata would be better off with one of her teammates (I like ShinoHina the best, though, but I'm perfectly fine with KibaHina).

Besides, Naruto is in love with Sakura. Yes, I know, all of the SasuSaku/NaruHina people say that he "dropped" his love for her when he made the "Promise of a Lifetime." However, if they paid enough attention, they would've seen Naruto's expression. Naruto has a very mature and selfless love for Sakura, one that has him put Sakura's happiness before his own. He has ALWAYS done this for Sakura, and he has put his own life on the line to protect her's. Has Hinata ever done this for Naruto, or expressed such a mature love for him? No. So, why is Hinata's devotion for Naruto so "admirable" and not his love for Sakura?

One last note: Kishimoto said in an interview that there will only be ONE main pairing. Although it doesn't rule out either of the pairings completely, it does put an end to the "NaruHina and SasuSaku" duo. Both can't happen.

okies i gots my reason:

I hate SasuSaku because, quite obviously, Sasuke finds Sakura very annoying. Also, by time skip, Sakura has pretty much gotten over Sasuke. I hate NaruHina because really, Naruto barely knows the girl and Hinata I doubt will ever tell Naruto. I'm done =3

I hate NaruHina because, one they are complete oppisites, they only have spent what 2 hours with each other? A lot of NaruHina fans think that when Hinata confesses [IF she even does. xD] Naruto will fall for her, And because Hinata has a crush on him a lot of them are like, "aww I hope she gets Naruto. Poor thing."
And say that Sakura doesnt even like Naruto,, or something like that.

I hate SasuSaku because, first he abandoned Konoha and Sakura.. on a bench. [She couldve gotten raped! ] Sakura needs someone who is alway by her side and is ther for her, Also because we all know that Sasuke doesnt LOVE her.

I hate how some many people want to deny that a couple might be happening, because its not their couple of choice.

*eats a cookie.*


Naruhina: comleat oposides, if Naruto makes a move, Hinata wuld faint and make Nauto pissed.

Sasusaku: sasuke dosen't care for sakura, he obious thinks she is anoying, Sasusaku fans 50% of them are sasuke fans girls that put themself in sakuras pov,iven I did that once, when I were in Love with a sasuke type.


NaruHina: Naruto hasnt shown anything more than friendship towards Hinata. Most fans use the Hinata vs. Neji fight and the filler epsiodes as an example but thats it! It's not conclusive proof. Hinata may still have a crush on Naruto after the time-skip but it just sounds childish now. You would think she would have grown the backbone to ask him out by now, but she hasnt. Opposites dont allways attract and these two would be a rather dull couple. Naruto would be the one making all the desicions while Hinata will twiddle her thumbs in the background and nodd silently. Hinata needs someone who brings out the tough-girl in her. Naruto did once, but she still goes all "wimpy" when she talks to him.

SasuSaku: Most fans of this pairing are Sasuke fangirls, putting themselves as Sakura so they can artificially be with their "macho emo man". If you have been on Gaiaonline or IMVU, you see Sakura cosplayers everywhere looking for a "Sasuke". The only thing fans use as "proof" for this couple is the whole "dont go I love you!" scene, when Sakura beggs Sasuke to stay. Sasuke stands behind her and says "thankyou" but what exactly does that mean? Fans jump to conclutions and think he MUST love her back. But if he did, wouldnt he have thrown his grudge against his brother aside and stayed with Sakura? In Shippuuden he attacks Naruto and Sakura without regret. Another big reason it wont happen is because Sakura is devoted to her village. Sasuke is a wanted criminal, and if they do bring him back, he will stay in jail the rest of his life.


mmm..... What can I say xD Only.. I HATE SasuSaku, NaruSaku, HinaNaru, I Hate sakura and Hinata xD and yeah I'm with the pairing of NaruSasu SasuNaru x) I don't think Kishimoto don't like it... because in an interview he also said something about a love triangle between team 7, triangle means the three of them xD and said something about sakura seen naruto as barrier something like that xD it could have more meanings but that's the one for me... I have seen a LOT of sasunaru in that anime a lot! xD in openings in endings... in chapters... the final song in shippuuden and the video XD ... the song is from naruto to sasuke... and maybe you'll say : but he is saying your my friend... ok that's riaght xD but also says: you're my dream... then: EVERY DAY, lit up by the SHINE ahead,
I WANNA SEE YOU, light MY SOUL ON FIRE! ( ok that's all traduced to english xD well naruto everyday thinks about him wants to see him, and his soul is on fire for that emotion ... ) Omg you need more? ... : I'LL GO THE DISTANCE,
Gazing at a sky SO FULL.
I an just now STARTING,
To use my greatest POWER, FULL TILT!!! <-- can you see all the effort xDD and the end of course ... : Aah, next time i'll protect you MY WAY!
Whoa, THE DISTANCE!!!!! <-- I'll protect you my way? x) well nothing more to say x)


NaruHina. Does have SOME sense. However, it hasn't gone anywhere. It's sad :/
I really regard Hinata's love for Naruto. It's nonsense to say it's just a stupid crush.
But I think she'll have to move on...cos I honestly believe Naruto's head in turned in ANOTHER direction...

(Now more of a rant)
SasuSaku: Total BS. Ok, not total, but close. Sasuke hasn't done ONE, not ONE thing that shows more than brotherly-type affection - gee, even that way it sounds excessive.
Saw how much he looked at her when they remet in Shippuden?? Pft, Sasuke was even more interested in where Kakashi was. It's so friggen obvious that Naruto and Itachi are the only people he gives crap about. Sakura has deep affection for Naruto. Honestly I don't know how far that goes, or whether Naruto's affection goes beyond what most NaruSaku fans suppose (in my opinion their deep bond consists Sasuke and mutual understanding, and I can give a lot of literary evidence :B). But it's so evident that Sakura SHOULDN'T be after Sasuke. It wouldn't be a positive relationship. He left her with a smirk, and Naruto with the saddest look ever seen in the manga. Hah.
If he came back their relationship would be probably as neutral as before. But again, I have no idea what is going to happen <.<'. If they start over then so be it.


naruhina: complete fluff seriously naruto barely knows the girl too i mean really naruto probably spent more time with akamaru then her. shes too quiet and she would be like dead 24/7 with naruto. they r way too different and naruto barley even shows any affection towards her he basically loves her as much as he likes everyone else (not counting sakura who he loves ^^) and if hinata ever gets a backbone and does confess her love for him hes not going to abandon a love he had for like ever to with her really hell probabaly be like oh yeah thanks nothing would ever happen. besides naruto aready shows devotion to sakura that no one could match. naruaku is the best pairing cuz really they are together all the time and you can tell they enjoy spending time together

sasusaku: really wow. this is more like fangirl love if ya ask me. really she was just like everyother girl OMG SASUKE UR SOO COOL!! yuck! and really what do you know about love when your what 12? besides sasuke like hates sakura and thinks that shes annoying and btw to all thos sasusaku fanppl THANKYOU DOES NOT = I LOVE YOU really it doesnt. and sakura shows er feelings towards naruto in shippuuden and it doesnt matter if ppl try to deny it. shes always by narutos side and is always in a good mood around him (unless their in like peril lol) and besides ppl normally just support this paring cuz of sasuke thats all its true sakura was probably the closets girl to him BECAUSE SHE WAS ON HIS TEAM really if like ino or ten ten were on team 7 insead of sakura you would probbly see them in the pairing. futhermore SASUKE IS A REVENGE OBSESSED EMO IDIOT WHO ABANDONED EVERYONE!!! and last time i checked joining evil pedo people and their forces isnt good at all. lastly sakura sorta shows that she doesnt like sasuke anymore in one of the ending shots when she cuts her hair again. remeber sasuke aparently likes girls with long hair well the second time (im pretty sure in frount of naruto ^^) she cuts her hair even shorter!! so that should prove that shes gotten over her fake love and moved on to the real thing with our main hero of the series ^^

okay im done ranting XD

and before i leave ,ay i join this club i totally support it in everyway lmao


Well, I admid, I still do like the pairing NaruHina, and only because of sentimental reasons. Not because I believe there is a really big chance that its gonna happen.

But... I'm also a person who likes to see the other side of the story (this time te NaruSaku story), and I got to admid, I'm liking that pairing more and more (also because people say I look like Sakura which is a big compliment if the NaruSaku pairing really is gonna happen, because I'm a Naruto-fangirl, okay enough about that, back to the pairing, excuse me for my fangirlness, I'm trying to control it ^^)

Yes. I admid that there is a big chance the NaruSaku pairing is gonna happen. (I really admid a lot today...) Not only because I read the manga and I saw what Yamato was going to say, in chapter Idontknowthenumberanymorebutweallknowwhi choneI'mtalkingabout, but also because in the anime you can see her feelings changing for Naruto.
At first I didn't liked this pairing because in the normal Naruto Sakura is a Sasuke-obsessed, crybaby (I'm sorry for the Sakura fans, I'm gonna make it up to you in the next thing I'm going to say).
BUT, in the Shippuuden serie's (ore better say, after Sasuke left and Naruto made his promise of a life time) she really got over that one and she became one af my fav characters in the serie. (That means she kick's ass now!)
And we all know Naruto loves her, even I see that.. So yeah, NaruSaku has the biggest chance (but you never know what Kishimoto is going to do, so never say never to another pairing).

Oh, and yes I do hate the SasuSaku pairing and just because: Sasuke is an arrgant idiot who only cares about himself, and killing his brother (that can't be healty), and Sakura is to good for him...
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Sigh.....Sasusaku is never going to happen, ever. But Sakura thought of Sasuke when that guy asked her out, after he tried to kill her. Twice.

Naruhina may happen though, it just depends on who Naruto chooses. The girl who thought she couldn't live without him (Hinata), or the girl who is wondering who'd she try to save, Naruto (the one who has been there for her always) or the guy who tried to kill her twice (Sasuke).
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NaruSaku makes sense
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Where have you been this whole time?!
I <3 NaruSaku. I don't like NaruHina at ALL.
I don't care who Sasuke ends up with, but it better not be Sakura!

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